Johnny and I have known each other for about 17 years and have been together for 10.

Johnny got his first Malamute in 1985 as a birthday present. He was not new to the dog game and had always had dogs but was involved with Obedience and Field Trials rather than breed. But when Oomenak came along, he gave the breed ring a try and there was no turning back. Johnny started training dogs in 1970 and is a licensed Class C judge. He started Carting in the Western Cape and is a licensed Carting judge as well.  He judges breed as well and is qualified to do the Working and Herding groups at Championship show level. He is currently busy with the Hound and Gundog groups.
I have also just recently decided to start judging Breed.

I first got to learn about Malamutes in about 1990. I had a Bouvier, Jake when I was in school and always loved any kind of dog. I used to buy the National Geographic Videos and had one about the White Wolves. I was intrigued by these animals and really loved that video. One day I was in the local bookstore and was paging though a book on dog breeds as I was thinking of getting Jake a companion. I really liked the Siberians but then happened to see the Alaskan Malamute.
I contacted KUSA and they put me in contact with Johnny. He was the Chairman of the Alaskan Malamute Club of the Western Cape at the time. I went down to the GSD club the following Sunday where he did dog training and met Oomenak. That  was it! I had to have a Malamute and got in touch with Oomenak`s breeders and on 31 December 1992 Fiora arrived. What a way to start a New Year, with your brand new Malamute Puppy. From that day onwards I knew I could never live without a Malamute.

In August 2000 "Doodles" arrived and 2 years later Gizi made her entrance. Johnny and I showed our dogs and made them all up to Champion. We took leave of the show ring for a few years but still were involved in the dog world as Johnny judged regularly and we were and still are involved in the running of the Liesbeek Kennel Club, an all breeds dog club based in Cape Town.

Then on 28 September 2007, Toby arrived from Michigan, USA. We waited for him for three years and each day was well worth the wait.  Finally on 13 July 2011 Tosh arrived from Lockport NYC. Now our family is complete, for the time being..!

I would like to thank Merle from Denalibelay Siberians and Marlene from Kontoki Siberians for putting me in touch with Toby and Tosh's breeders. We are proud and honoured to be associated with such top class kennels as Nanuke and Snoklassic and hope to have a long and lasting relationship with them.

We registered Timbalaine Alaskan Malamutes in 2007 and foresee a bright future for them. We are members of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. I am also a member of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.

We adore our pets and are proud to be owned by four Alaskan Malamutes, four cats and an African Grey parrot. Some might say our pets are spoilt  - we say they are  treated as any animal should be, with love and care.

Johnny and Natalie

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