Our Cats

Tigger and Baloo

Tigger and Baloo are litter brothers believe it or not! They were born on 12 December 2005. Their father was a wild cat that used to live in the bushes around my sister's place with the result that Tigger is very scared and does not like to be cuddled or touched much. He is very aloof and likes to do his own thing. He does however adore Garfield and they are inseparable. His brother is a very lovable cat and likes to be picked up and carried around like a baby. He actually jumps up and wants to be picked up, sometimes I have to stop what I am doing, pick him up and give him a hug and then he is happy! ☺ They are not allowed to roam the streets and go outside in the front garden only as it has electric fencing. However, Puppy (Baloo) thinks he is a dog hence the name. He goes outside in the back garden with the "big dogs" every day on a collar and a lead attached to a pulley device so that he can walk around but cannot go over the walls. He loves being outside with the dogs and actually cries to go outside every morning.

They both have very different personalities although brothers. They even look totally different. But one thing they have in common is that they are very vocal. They talk all the time and actually answer me back when I talk to them.

Tigger Tigger Tigger  

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Baloo Baloo  

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Garfield and Odie

These two are rescue cats that we got from a lady who had bought them as kittens and then a few months later discovered that her children were allergic to cat hair! ☹ But luckily for them we found out through a friend and went to rescue them as they were destined to be taken to the SPCA in a few days time. Again we only intended to take Garfield but felt sorry as we were concerned about his friend. So we took him as well.

We brought them home on 28 October 2008. They were about 6 months old. Garfield is the friendliest, most lovable cat I have ever some across. His nickname is "Ginger Worm" as he rolls over and wriggles around like a worm when he sees anyone coming near! ☺ Odie again is a scared cat but can be quite lovable. He does not like it if he is cuddled too much.

My Gingers are very greedy and eat all the time. They are always ready for a meal!   They love each other and play together a lot.

Garfield Garfield    

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